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Modules of remote input


Modules of remote input/output

Radio connection to DI-DO CILK-RF446-DI-DO


Radio module is designed for organization of the condition transfer of discrete inputs and data through the radio connection at the distance up to 500 meters in the unlicensed range of frequency 446 MHz.

Variant of radio connection module for transfer the condition of DI (DI repeater).
In this mode the set of two devices is used which are tuned to each other for data transfer through the radio channel. The sensor of the type “dry contact” or active signal with the output to the alternate current under the voltage up to 200 Volt are connected to the discrete inputs, to the discrete outputs - actuation device. When the sensor operates at one device the appropriate discrete output on the paired device is switched on and vice verse. The functional scheme of this mode of operation is shown underneath.

Программируемые контроллеры и распределённые системы ввода-вывода

Variants of operation in the mode of data transfer

In this mode the module works as a radio modem for data transfer from the radio connection of telemechanics, getting the information about the condition of discrete inputs and the control of discrete inputs. The protocol of data transfer through the radio channel is RTM/RTMVar, through the COM port is RTM/RTMVar or MODBUS.

Программируемые контроллеры и распределённые системы ввода-вывода

Additional opportunities 

Radio module has the opportunity of line supply 220 V or from the source with the voltage of 12 V. There is a built-in accumulator for operation when the supply voltage is lost. Operation time of the built-in accumulator is up to 15 minutes.

Specifications CILK-RF446-DI-DO

Radio module of access
Supply voltage of module 12 V DC, 220 V AC
Discrete inputs 1, galvanic isolated, 220 V AC
Discrete inputs 1, galvanic isolated, type of dry contact, output voltage of the sensor 12 V DC
Discrete outputs 2, type of the output – open collector, maximum commutated current 0,1 A, maximum commutated voltage 30 V

Port COM RS - 485
Speed of transfer COM From 9600 up to 115200 bit/s
Radio channel Frequency 446 MHz, speed of data transfer in the radio channel 4800 and 19200 Bit/s,
number of channels at the speed 4800 bit/s – 5,
number of channels at the speed 19200 bit/s – 1,
output power of the transmitter 10…100mWt,
wave-making resistance 50 Om,
receiver sensitivity – 121 Db,
operating distance with the nondirectional antenna of the type quarter-wave spike - not less than 100 m, type of connector of the antenna cable – SMA, male
Protocols Modbus RTU and RTM -64/Var

Maximum power consumption 0,8 Wt
Range of operation temperatures From -40C up to +60C
Dimensions (WxHxD) 170x115x65 mm
Protection index IP43

Series of remote input/output modules CILK PAC IO

Modules of remote input/output allow to work with the signals of discrete and analog input/output through RS-485 interface on the protocol Modbus/RTU. To one controller CILK PAC with regard to inner plates of expansion and outer modules can be connected: discrete inputs – 1024, discrete outputs – 1024, analog inputs – 1024, analog outputs – 1024. The size of address space with the access to the protocols of data transfer – 125 kilo addresses. Quick installation and module change without disconnexion of the group of devices is made due to connector HBUS or 2-wire type interface.
Variative set of modules of remote input/output has scales according to demands: from 8 up to 48 DI for module; from 4 to 16 Al for module; from 4 to 16 AO for module; from 4 to 16 DO for module.

Specifications CILK PAC IO

Analog inputs Up to 16, unipolar, precision 16-bit, 0-20 mA,
Reduced measuring error 0,05%
Analog outputs Up to 16, precision 12-bit, 0-20 mA,
Reduced measuring error not more than 1%
Discrete inputs 2 built-in galvanic isolated inputs of the type of dry contact
Discrete inputs Up to 24, 10-30 V DC or 230 V AC, in different combinations in groups of 4 or 8 inputs
Discrete outputs Up to 16, type of output – open collector, type of commutated voltage – DC, maximum loading current 150 mA, maximum voltage 50 V, maximum reverse current 800 mA, maximum output frequency under the filling 50% 200 kHz
Counter inputs Up to 24, maximum frequency on the low frequency inputs 2,5 kHz, on the high frequency inputs 200 kHz