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Module PLC

Module PLC

Controller CILK PAC

Controller CILK PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) is designed to build the systems of telemechanics and automated control systems that can be used in the extreme conditions of service.
Module scheme of the controller allows the consumer to use the controller for the specific problem to the fullest and not to pay over for the unused functions. High production of industrial computers and the integrity of remote terminal units combines in CILK PAC.

 и распределённые системы ввода-вывода

Specifications of CILK PAC

Processor Cortex – A8, processor speed 800 MHz
Memory of the program 1 Gb, RAM 512 Mb
Real-time clock Nonvolatile real time clock
Volatility 8 Mb, for archivation and keeping the user setups, 64 Kb RAM with the battery power for retained variables
Address space The size of address space of the user is 125 kilo addresses
Time of the operation cycle of controller Up to 10 ms
Transmission time of the output signal Since the finish time of processing in the user program up to the moment of installation at the controller output for the inner expansion board is not more than 4 ms
Analog input Up to 16, unipolar, resolution 12-bit, 0-20 mA, reduced measuring error 0,2%
Analog output Up to 16, resolution 12-bit, 0-20 mA, reduced measuring error 1%
Discrete input 2 built-in, galvanic isolated inputs of dry contact type
Discrete input Up to 24, 10-30 V DC or 230 V AC in different combinations by the groups in 4 and 8 inputs
Discrete output Up to 16, output type – open collector, the type of switching voltage – DC, maximum loading current 150 mA, maximum voltage 50 V, maximum backward current 800 mA, maximum frequency output when the filling 50% 200 kHz
Counter input  Up to 24, maximum frequency for low-speed inputs 2,5 kHz,
                                              for high-speed inputs 200 kHz

Port COM1, COM2, COM3 RS-232/RS-485
Transmission time COM1, COM2, COM3 Up to 115200 bit/s
Transmit modes Master, Slave, Master/Slave, retransmission mode
Ethernet port 1 built-in port 10/100BaseT, RJ45
Protocols ModbusRTU/ASCII, ModbusTCP, DNP3, IEC 60870-5-101 103, 104, IEC61850 – RTMVar
Radio communication Interface of connection of radio communication packages on the basis of VHF/UNF 
Radio communication in unlicensed bands Up to 100 mWt in band of 446 mHz and
Up to 10 mWt in band of 433 and 868 mHz,
Maximum data transfer speed up to 38400 bit/s
USB Host Interface USB Host for connection of external memory
USB Device Interface USB Device for the function of the interface / emulation 
Web interface The presence of Web interface access to the controller for working parameter setting and the possibility of creation the pages depending on controller configuration.

Dimensions (WxHxD) 300х175х40 mm
Conditions of service Temperature from -40 C up to +60C, humidity up to 95%, without condensation
Input power 9-30 V DC
Energy consumption 6,3 Wt under the minimal loading,
Additional 6,5 Wt under the full loading,
Additional up to 0,72 Wt for analog output
Protection index IP20

High production

CILK PAC is provided with a highly productive processor and co-processor that are used processing the input/output signals. High size of the memory allows to place complicated programs, to collect a large number of data and transfer them to the periods of communication session releasing communication channel in the rest of time.
Computing power CILK PAC is much higher than the traditional devices of telemechanics have. That allows to use the controllers in the tasks the demands the processing of complex algorithms in the real time, the quickness of data gathering and the working with the net protocols.

Extended range of temperatures
Controllers CILK PAC, communicative modules that are delivered to them, input/output modules are considered for stable operation at the range of temperatures from -40C up to +60C and humidity up to 95%. That makes it possible to use them in extreme field conditions of the Far North and in the unheated space. Upper limit of the temperature range and low internal gain allows to use the controllers in the conditions of hot shops and hot climate.
Operational safety CILK PAC and accuracy in measurement guaranteed by the manufacturer are kept in the whole temperature range of exploitation. 

Communicative possibilities
Communicative possibilities allows to use CILK PAC in the systems of telemechanics in the remote sites in the hard-to-reach regions.
Controllers have three / that can operate at the speed from 300 up to 115 200 bit/s. Modem modules of the controllers provide qualitative and reliable link through the radio channel providing the working hours and necessary delays almost in all plugged types of radio stations. It is possible to build the system at CILK PAC with the use of satellite and mobile communication GSM and GPRS. Controllers can be connected to .
Controller has 2 USB ports. Interface USB Host for connecting of external memory and interface USB Device for the realization of the emulation function of the interface RS-232/RS-485.

Wide range of processed signals
CILK PAC and additional modules of input/output allows to process discrete signals of the direct current and alternate current in the wide range of values, analog signals of the industrial range 0…20 mA with the built-in defense from the excess current more than 22 mA with the automated reconstruction of the operated condition, counter input up to 2,5 kHz, signals of thermal junctions and thermal resistance of different types.
Discrete signals possesses built-in defense from the excess voltage with the automated reconstruction of the operated condition when the voltage becomes normal.
For providing the safety input and output circuits  are equipped with galvanic isolation, has group or individual isolation from the logical part or from the power-supply circuit.

CILC PAC has built-in input/output channels that allows in the separate tasks not to use additional modules or to reduce their number - it is reflected on the general cost of the system. Built-in channels are flexibly selected on the stage of the ordering the controller and allows to provide the processor module up to 24 Dl, up to 16 AI, up to16 DO, up to 16 AO. The quick installation and change of the module without the disconnecting the group of devices due to the connector plug HBUS.
To one controller CILK PAC with regard to inner expansion board and outer modules can be connected: discrete inputs – 1024, discrete outputs – 1024, analog inputs – 1024, analog outputs 1024. The size of address space of the user with the access of the protocols of data transfer - 125 kilo address.

Remote access and programming
Diagnostic operation, programming and debugging CILK PAC can be done in the mode of remote access via the interface RS-232/485, Ethernet or radio channel that allow to place the controller on the unattended objects and do not demand physical presence of the qualified specialist. It is contributed to the decrease of expenses for the exploitation of telemechanics systems.

Wide toolset for programming
CILK PAC has the wide choice of programming.
The possibility of the choice of the programming system helps to develop the controller easily, to use its possibilities to the fullest and that is why to introduce the system of automation quickly.
The list of the software programming contains:
  • • Free software engineering environment of the user Beremiz on the programming languages of the standard MEK 61131-3
    • Development tools on the language C/C++
Programming proprietary protocols
With the help of the language C/C++ it is possible to program proprietary protocols of the data transfer. It helps to achieve the possibility of connecting the most different peripheral items with the unstandardized interfaces such as counters, registrations, and other intellectual devices of different producers.

The usage of industrial protocols
It is used the most widespread industrial protocols of data transfer: Modbus TCP, RTU/ASCII, Modbus RTU with the expansion ELAM, RTMVar.
New industrial protocol DNP-3 provides easy integration of the controllers CILK PAC into the modern automated systems with a great number of devices of different producers. In protocol a lot of new functional opportunities are realized  such as: transfer of unsolicited messages, assignment the priority to the data, easy configuration without usage of programming packages.
CILK PAC supports protocols IEC 60870-5-101, 103, 104, IEC 61850 – 3 that allow to use them in energy production.

Radio connection
In CILK PAC there are modules of radio connection in unlicensed ranges of the frequency 433, 446 and 868 mHz. Such a built-in function allows to unite Сontrol and Instrumentation and other objects on the site into one net without a cable. The operating distance depends on land configuration, radio situation, characteristics of the used antennas and so on and can be varied from some meters up to 1,5 km in the condition of direct visibility.
In CILK PAC there is also a module of radio modem to which you can connect portable and mobile radio stations of different producers of the range VHF/UHF.
Used methods of modulation FFSK, GMSK, 4FSK allow to change the quality and speed of transfer through the radio channel from 2400 up to 9600 bit/s. 

Function of the repeater
CILK PAC can work in the communication mode and also in the mode of repeater for getting and transfer of the data simultaneously without time delay. That allows to use the controller effectively on such sites as oilfield, pipe arrangement, railway lines and motoring highways, power lines.

Low power consumption
Maximum power consumption of the controller that are packaged with all the boards of expansion – not more than 15 Wt. They do not demand external cooling and the availability of convectional backlash because of low energy usage and heat production of CILK PAC.

Data storage during the power fault and communication failure
Non-volatile flash memory allows during the long period of time collects data and has opportunity to remove collected data when the object of automation is not available right after the power fault, communication failure, e.g. because of remoteness and weather conditions.

Watch dog timer
Hardware controlled timer makes restarting of CILK PAC in case of program hang-up. This function is useful during the exploitation of the controllers in the unstaffed conditions.

Installation option
CILK PAC and all the modules can be mounted on a DIN rail.

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