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Specialized modules

Specialized modules

Module measuring the power of the moving CILK-UI


Module is designed for measuring and processing of voltages and currents of electrical loadings, data change via the protocols Modbus RTU and RTM – 64/VAR with the supervisory level (information data transfer from the objects, reception of the setpoints and telecontrol commands).

Программируемые контроллеры и распределённые системы ввода-вывода

• Operation in single – phase and three phase electrical mains
• Operation with three phase loading connected according to delta star scheme with the isolated and deadly earthed neutral
• Measurement of voltages and currents due to phases
• Calculations of active, reactive and full power
• Calculation of electric power factor (cos φ)  
• Calculation of energy (kWh)

Specifications CILK-UI

Module measuring the power of the moving
Processor Cortex-M4, processor frequency 64 MHz
Memory Flash memory of the program 256 Kb, RAM 48 Kb
Clock of real time Energy-dependent clock of real time
Voltage supply 9-30 V DC

Discrete inputs 1, galvanic isolated, type of dry contact, output voltage of the sensor 12 V DC
Discrete outputs 1, galvanic isolated, type of output – open collector, maximum commutated current 0,05 A, maximum commutated voltage 80 V
Inputs for connecting of phase voltage of current transformers 3

Port COM RS - 485
Speed of COM transfer From 9600 up to 115200 bit/s
Protocols Modbus RTU and RTM – 64/VAR

Maximum power supply 1,8 Wt
Range of operational temperatures From – 40C up to +60 C
Dimensions (WxHxD) 54x112x60 mm
Protection index IP 20