Group metering station

Software and hardware complex "Infolook"® as a platform for efficient control of small and medium geographically-distributed Oil Production facilities and processes.

Automatic Process Control System of GMS is intended to three-component metering of well yield through the GMS outlets from counter. The control system provides the organization of remote operative-dispatch control of crude-oil production, control and monitoring of process equipment and its operation mode, increase the GMS process efficiency. 
Configuration of the measuring module:
• With flow meter on the liquid line;
• With flow meter on the liquid line and in-flow moisture meter;
• With flow meters on the liquid and gas line and in-flow moisture meter.

• control automation of GMS in real-time;
• obtaining up-to-date, relevant and reliable information about the technological process and the equipment state;
• control of GMS hydraulic drive switching;
• component measuring (oil, gas, water);
• measurement and displaying the yields for every well through the GMS outlets; 
• improvements in process safety;
• reducing the labor intensivity of the process control.

Structure of the system 
The hierarchically structured distributed control system which may be represented as a three-tier pyramid:
• The level of local automatic – control stations and cabinets (designed and manufactured according to customer requirements) which are located very close to the process facilities.
• The “control level” based on programmable logic controller CILK, software Infolook.Polling and Infolook.Kss (communication server and server of data handling);
• The level of supervisory control presented by automated workstations of supervisor and specialists based on PC and SCADA. Supervisor workstation carries out archiving and processing parameters, displays the condition of process facility and remote control. Processed and archived information is transmitted to specialists for the future analysys and planning the oil production.



The software performs the functions of handling and archiving the current data received from external systems via OPC DA protocol, contains the server of alarms and messages.
The software allows to transfer the data to external visualization systems that support OPC DA and OPC AE protocols. Using the reporting subsystem on the basis of archival data, the software allows to generate reports.

This is a software for data acquisition from industrial devices through the different communication protocols and for data transfer to external system via OPC DA protocol.
The software allows to receive the data from industrial devices supported protocols РТМ and Modbus, adjust routes to devices access, configure the speed of data receiving by polling queues, build and display the historical data received during the data acquisition.

According to ТУ 4232-001-38490484-2013 control cabinets of automatic group metering stations as part of the complex provide:
• Well-production fluid rate measurement.
• Control of metering station of GMS.
• Control of the fluid drive position.
• Full program mode in case of communication with control center is lost, record at least 100 measurements to the archive.
• Fault monitoring of the sensor of multi-stream switching manifold and error output to control center.
• Fault monitoring of the fluid drive and error output to control center.
• Function of fluid drive reclosure (1-10 attempts) in case of sticking
• Detection of multi-stream switching manifolds manual switching by operator and save the previous measurement.
• Measurement of discharge pressure and deviation alarm (limit values are set from control center).
• Air pollution control in process room and deviation alarm.
• GMS control cabinet operability in case of power failure up to 12 hours (battery supply).
• Power failure alarm in control room.
• Unauthorized access control to GMS control cabinet, process room and equipment room.
• Switching the audio alarm from control room to call the attendant.
• Voice communication between the control room and GMS control cabinet.

• Reliable measurements of the properties; 
• Protection and storage the data;
• Guaranteed data transmission (alternative communication channels);
• Wide experience in realization of such projects.

Групповая замерная установка       Групповая замерная установка       Групповая замерная установка

Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments (Republic of Kazakhstan)
Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments
Certificate of Conformity
Certificate of Conformity (Custom Union)