Custody transfer facility

Automatic Process Control System of custody transfer facility of Jurubcheno-Tohomskoe field JSC "Vostsibneftegaz"

Functions of software and hardware complex:

• Acquisition, handling and reporting the data about technological parameters and equipment condition to operator in handy form.
• Remote control of equipment from operator workstation.
• Emergency shutting-down of equipment in case of departure from setpoints.
• Adjustment of oil separation plant technological parameters.

Software and hardware complex is designed on the base of: 

  • • Programmable controllers of company «Kontron» with operating system OS-9 (company «Microware», USA) and with development tool ISaGRAF (company «СJ International», France);
    • SCADA-system InTouch (company «Wonderware», USA).
Custody transfer facility of Jurubcheno-Tohomskoe field (photo)
Пункт сбора нефти

The automation object is custody transfer facility of Jurubcheno-Tohomskoe field consisting of next process facilities:
1. Separation unit.
2. Flare system.
3. Pumping room of tank farm oil pumping.
4. Tank farm.
5. Fuels-lubes storage.
6. Utilities of custody transfer facility, off-site utilities of CPF-40 and heaters.
7. Plant support facilities.
A specificity of this project is not only the supply and installation of controller cabinets, but also the supply of following components:
• cabinets of secondary instruments and gas analyzers,
• uninterruptible power systems with redundancy,
• primary sensors and detectors,
• cabling.

Пункт сбора нефти