Rod and pump well

Software and hardware complex "Infolook"® as a platform for efficient control of small and medium geographically-distributed Oil Production facilities and processes. 

Automatic Process Control System of rod and pump well is intended to optimization of pumpdown performance in system pump-reservoir according to dynamometry. Based on the analysis of a well operation is selected pumping mode which provides the maximum operating efficiency of pump. Control station holds the set point by changing pumping speed according to analysis of dynamometry data every pumping cycle. The control system provides the organization of remote operative-dispatch control of crude-oil production, control and monitoring of process equipment and its operation mode, increase the rod and pump well process efficiency. 

• control automation of a rod and pump well in real-time;
• obtaining up-to-date, relevant and reliable information about the technological process and the equipment state;
• periodical pumping according to operating efficiency of pump up to pump starvation without changing the engine speed;
• automatic adjustment of the engine speed according to operating efficiency of pump;
• analysis of the downhole pumping equipment state;
• process measurements (pressure, current, voltage, flow rate etc.);
• equipment protection according to energy characteristics;
• energy accounting;
• reducing the labor intensivity of the process control.

Structure of the system

The system is based on the principle of independent levels connected through the standard protocols.

1. The level of local automatic (instrumentation and controls)

Smart sensor of dynamograms DD-10 (DD-10-2)
The sensor is designed for force measurement in the traverse engagement of sucker rod pump depending on the equalizer beam moving and future development the isochronous sequence of measured force value (dynamogram). The received dynamogram can describe the state of pumping unit and its other properties.

• Ergonomic design and high-reliability performance;
• Forming and handling of dynamograms at each cycle of pumping;
• Transmission the dynamograms through the radio channel;
• Battery life up to 5 years.

Control station of well
• Control station consists of the power circuit with frequency converter, controller, module measuring the power of the moving, module of communication with sensor DD-10 (DD-10-2), radio communication kit for telemechanics system;
• Control station is able to connect discrete and analog sensors for realization the additional features (measurement the surface pressure, emergency stop the sucker rod pump according to pressure values received from electric-contact pressure gage etc.);
• The operating principle is based on signal handling received from sensors and motor speed control by frequency converter.

Control station of well is based on industrial controller «CILK»
Advantages - Built-in modem connection to the VHF with the use of UHF / VHF radiostations; Built-in modem for low-power operation with non-licensed frequencies (433/446 MHz); Modular structure, easy scalability; Capability of configuring for each concrete process facility using function block diagram (FBD);
Usage the various communicating channels with multilevel data broadcasting; Service in industrial conditions (-40…+60°С).

2. The level of supervisory control 

Infolook.DBiz – is the object-oriented platform for creating data handling systems in real-time. The handling includes different calculations with data of objects: archiving, alarm generation, import and export data from external systems, etc. A feature of the platform is the ability to increase its functional by users. 

This is a software for data acquisition from industrial devices through the different communication protocols and for data transfer to external system via OPC DA protocol.
The software allows to receive the data from industrial devices supported protocols РТМ and Modbus, adjust routes to devices access, configure the speed of data receiving by polling queues, build and display the historical data received during the data acquisition.

3. The Workstation of process engineer based on software DNM Analyzer
This is a software for analysis (smart algorithms detecting faults of downhole pumping equipment), handling and displaying dynamograms. 
• Operating control of the impact stresses on valve units and pump, detecting and prediction the faults of downhole pumping equipment;
• Current state, predictions and scheduling the oil extraction process;
• Recommendations for improving the well operation efficiency;
• Displaying the current state and final calculation for all concerned specialists.
According to ТУ 4232-001-38490484-2013 control cabinets of rod and pump wells as part of the complex provide:
• Start and stop the pump well engine from the control center of oil and gas production department.
• Condition monitoring of pump well (works / doesn’t work).
• Support engine protection functions.
• Pipe-line pressure measurement.
• Casing annulus pressure measurement.
• Well performance in accordance with a special algorithm.
• Automated dynamogram metering and fault analysis of pumping equipment .
• Influence of oil-gas ratio and back-lash calculating.
• Pumping cycle measurement.
• Automatic well shut-down in case of pump starvation.
• Pumping-out automatic speed control according to dynamogram data.
• Calculation of flow rate including back-lash.
• Automatic reading wattmeter.
• Electric energy input calculating including instrumental error not more than 5% .
• Actual specific expenditures  calculation of electrical power per 1 ton of produced oil.
• Power switch position-checking of sucker rod pump control station.
• Position-checking of mode selection switch of sucker rod pump.
• Automatic start of sucker rod pump in remote and automatic modes.
• Time recording of well performance.
• Control cabinet operability of sucker rod pump wells in case of power failure till 12 hours with standby battery power.
• Signaling to control station about power failure.
• Unauthorized access control to the control cabinet.
• Sucker rod pump well, control station, telemechanics unit.
• Voice communication between control station located on the oil and gas production department and control cabinet of sucker rod pump well.

• Reliable measurements of the properties; 
• Protection and storage the data;
• Guaranteed data transmission (alternative communication channels);
• Prediction and scheduling the oil extraction process;
• Wide experience in realization of such projects;
• Integration with similar systems (the solution is divided into several products which can operate successfully within solutions of other companies);
• Remote system diagnostics.

The efficiency​ of implementation
Increasing production up to 20% if there is potential, through continuous analysis of dynamograms. 
• Reducing energy consumption to 25% by optimizing the operation of equipment according to wattmeter cards and application of frequency drive.
• Increasing overhaul life and equipment life extension up to 25% by smooth starting, optimization of operation modes and well-timed fault diagnosis.               
• Reducing downtime to 40% due to early fault diagnosis and rapid informing of supervisors about emergency and failure cause according to the available information based on the analysis of dynamograms and wattmeter cards.

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Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments (Republic of Kazakhstan)
Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments
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