Oil and gas treatment plant

Automatic Process Control System of oil and gas treatment plant provides the organization of remote operative-dispatch control of crude-oil production, control and monitoring of process equipment and operation mode of devices and equipment, increase the oil and gas treatment plant process efficiency. 

• control automation of oil and gas treatment plant in real-time;
• obtaining up-to-date, relevant and reliable information about the technological process and the equipment state;
• operating and remote control of 
oil treatment processes;
• improvements in process safety;
• reducing the labor intensivity of the process control.

Structure of the system 
The hierarchically structured distributed control system which may be represented as a three-tier pyramid:
• The level of local automatic – control stations and cabinets (designed and manufactured according to customer requirements) which are located very close to the process facilities.
• The “control level” based on programmable logic controllers of companies
Sсhneider Electric, Allen-Bradley, Siemens SIMATIC;
• The level of supervisory control presented by automated workstations of oil and gas treatment plant supervisor based on PC and provides a direct user interface for interaction between supervisor and Automatic Process Control System, software and hardware for data acquisition, archiving and transmission to enterprise level.

• experience in design of automation systems for sour crude oil treatment plant;
• easy system scalability in case of expanding the oil and gas treatment plant technological process;
• flexible adjustment of process protection parameters allows to increase the service life of process equipment.

Solution for sour crude oil treatment plant
The system is controlled by traditional means by the customer's request. All necessary information about process and equipment variables is received from controller to operator workstation. As controllers for acquisition and processing of data used controllers SMART I/O of company PEP Modular Computers, Germany. The controllers operate under the operating system OS-9 of Microware company (USA). For custom programs development used a graphical CASE-tool software ISaGRAF ver.3.32 that allows programming of PLC in 6 languages in accordance with international standard IEC 61131-3 programming of industrial logic controllers. Communication between controllers SMART I/O and operator workstation is carried out on an industrial deterministic network PROFIBUS. PROFIBUS network is based on the RS-485 interface using a twisted copper shield pair. The supervisory level of software and hardware complex consists of two industrial PC – operator workstation, engineering workstation which performs also functions of reserve operator workstation, database server, printer and commutator FastEthernet.

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