Center of oil processing and pumping

Software and hardware complex for Automatic Process Control System of oil processing and pumping shop "Juzhnyj Balyk" of oil-and-gas production department "Majskneft" JSC "Juganskneftegaz"

The purpose of software and hardware complex is the providing of effective process monitoring and control of oil processing and pumping shop CPF-3, safe operation of automated equipment, comfort work of operational and service staff.
CPF is designed to oil processing by thermoelectrochemical method on Yuzhno-balykskoye field and pumping of commercial oil on linear operating dispatcher station of the oil-trunk pipeline. The main automation objects are heating furnaces, pumps for external and internal oil pumping, valves, clarification tanks, separators, tanks, electric dehydrator, underground tanks with drowned pumps and the objects of waste treatment facilities.

Oil processing and pumping shop "Juzhnyj Balyk" of oil-and-gas production department "Majskneft" (photo)

Центр подготовки и перекачки нефти

Due to the fact that technological equipment of CPF is distributed over a large area (approximately 250 x 350 m), used a distributed structure of the software and hardware complex, which increases the system survivability and reduces the length of cable ties. Control cabinets where located controllers and electrical equipment (relays, intrinsic safety barriers, UPS, etc.) are installed in block-boxes next to the controlled equipment. In the control room are installed operator workstation and several controller cabinets. Controllers are connected through the fieldbus PROFIBUS. The network is realized by the fiber optic cable and twisted copper shield pair. There is produced continuous fault diagnostics of network with the alarm to operator. Network failure doesn't stop the process equipment, as the controller operates autonomously providing the possibility of local control and process protection. To improve the reliability of the system applied the uninterruptible power supplies, states of which are also controlled on the operator's workstation.

Центр подготовки и перекачки нефти