High voltage power lines

Automated system for monitoring the state of high-voltage transmission lines.
Automated control system for ice loads.

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Operational control of power lines. Control of ice loads.

• use of real bandwidth;
• prevention of emergency situations;
• reduction of operating costs;
• facilitating the working conditions of operating personnel.

Current status in application:
• more than 80% of violations in distribution grids are connected with damage to overhead lines
• in IDGC Holding, the share of 0.4-110 (220) kV overhead lines that have been operating for more than 30 years is 57%.
• The majority of emergency cases are associated with a modified overhead line geometry.
• an increase in emergency situations associated with icing.

Operational monitoring of power lines:

• Temperature measurement of power lines in the area of suspension.
• Measurement of the instantaneous load at the point of suspension of power lines (weight of the wire).
• Measurement of current strength of high-voltage power lines.

Overhead line status sensors:
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Weight sensors on the ground wire
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Power Transmission Post

• Data collection from wireless sensors of high-voltage line condition.
• Data transfer to the control room;
• Control of temperature and humidity of ambient air, wind speed;
• Providing power to wired sensors: weight control (at the ground wire), temperature, humidity, speed

Organization of communication in difficult terrain
In rough / mountainous terrain, outside the zone of communication with the substation, retransmission from long-distance supports is carried out by VL condition sensors independently.
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BashRES objects introduced in 2014

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• Direct methods for measuring the temperature of the wire, high measurement accuracy;
• Monitoring of the state of high-voltage overhead transmission lines in rugged / mountainous terrain outside communication coverage due to data retransmission between sensors of up to five objects / supports. The distance between the objects / supports up to 3 km. (Line of sight);
• Control of melting ice by controlling the temperature of the wire and current melting;
• Combined types of communication when transmitting data to a substation;
• Payback within 1 year by reducing the direct costs of icing control;
• The cost of the system is much lower than the analogs (the price is determined on the basis of the initial technical data);
• Industrial production of parts and components;

Light barrier system
• Autonomous power supply;
• Status monitoring by CMC;

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