Treatment facilities for oil refineries and petrochemical plants

Automated control system for wastewater treatment plants of the oil refining and petrochemical plants of OJSC TANECO​, Nizhnekamsk

The complex of oil refining and petrochemical plants of OJSC TANECO​, Nizhnekamsk, is being built as a modern enterprise meeting the highest international standards. Technical requirements for the creation of the complex were developed by the American engineering company FLUOR. The wastewater treatment facilities in this complex also meet the highest environmental standards for cleaning the effluents of oil refineries and petrochemical plants discharged into the Kama River.

Room of the operator’s automated control system of OJSC TANECO 

Очистные сооружения нефтеперерабатывающих и нефтехимических заводов

The treatment plant (section 0800) was designed and supplied as a specialized installation, supplied complete with its own monitoring, control and protection systems and its own instrumentation equipment. A special feature of wastewater treatment plants is the need to take all industrial effluents of OJSC TANECO, regardless of their composition and quantity. In this regard, the OS ACS should provide the ability to change the control algorithms of technological equipment depending on the composition and quantity of industrial effluents. In accordance with the Terms of Reference, the treatment equipment (section 0800) uses unique technological equipment from GE, AWAS, Flottweg, produced in three countries (USA, Germany, Hungary). This technological equipment is supplied complete with automated control systems that meet the requirements of the Russian supervisory authorities, but are made according to various standards. The unification of the project and operational documentation of these automated control systems was carried out as part of the development of a working draft of the ACS of the OS based on technical capabilities.

ITC-A LLC in this project carried out the following work:
• Development of design documentation for field instrumentation and the top level of the process control system, including “linking” of equipment projects of foreign firms;
• Completion of hardware and software of the upper level of the process control system;
• Chef - installation work;
• Commissioning works.
ACS OS consists of the following main subsystems:
1. Automated gas hazard detection system (hereinafter referred to as AGHDS);
2. Automated process control system (hereinafter referred to as a process control system).

Structural diagram of the software and hardware complex ACS OS

Очистные сооружения нефтеперерабатывающих и нефтехимических заводов

An example of a video frame of the station operator ACS OS

The process control system, in accordance with the division of technological equipment, is divided into the following blocks:
• 01 Pre-cleaning unit (Schneider Electric controllers);
• 02 Physical and chemical effluent treatment unit (Siemens controllers);
• 03 Biological treatment unit (Siemens controllers);
• 04 Desalination unit (Siemens controllers);
• 05 Block of advanced purification and disinfection (Schneider Electric controllers);
• 06 Block of dehydration of oil products, sediments and excess activated sludge (Schneider Electric and Siemens controllers)
• 07 Operator Building (Schneider Electric Controllers);
• 10 Pumping station unit (Schneider Electric controllers).
In addition, according to the functional feature, there is a separate block of support systems, including systems for providing ventilation, uninterrupted power supply, instrumentation air, etc.

When performing these works, the contractor coordinated and coordinated all technical solutions, ranging from the selection and installation of the “field instrumentation” to the control algorithms and data transfer protocols. This allowed the customer to avoid the problems associated with the coordination of various sections of the project documentation and integrate disparate equipment from different manufacturers into a single information space, select start-up complexes during the phased launch of treatment facilities.
The experience gained by the executor in previous works, together with Schneider Electric software and hardware, as well as timely technical support of the specialists of Schneider Electric CJSC, made it possible to solve all the problems that had arisen qualitatively and on time.