City water disinfection systems

Program-technical complex for the dispatching control system of the municipal sewage treatment plants (DCS MSTP)

The dispatch control system allows you to organize the collection, presentation and archiving of data from the local sewage treatment plants from local control systems:

• Mechanical cleaning facilities (building of gratings and sand traps);
• Unit number 3 biological cleaning tanks;
• Unit number 4 biological cleaning tanks;
• Reagent farm № 1;
• Blowing station number 2;
• Blowing station number 3;
• Sludge thickening unit;
• Constructions of ultraviolet sewage treatment.

DCS MSTP Control Room

Системы обеззараживания  городского  водопровода
The complex is an open management system that can later incorporate newly introduced or modernized cleaning facilities.

The software and hardware complex is built on the basis of modern software and hardware tools and technologies that ensure the collection, processing, transmission, archiving and visualization of operational data.
DCS MSTP Complex includes:
1. Communication software in the form of drivers and input / output servers (OFS server for communication with Modicon Premiun controllers, Logic server for communication with SPT961 heat calculators).
2. Real-Time Database Server (RTDS) Wonderware Historian Server (InSQL) based on Microsoft SQL Server. Operational data from the controller and SPT961 archives are transferred to the Wonderware Historian Server. It provides long-term storage of information, the provision of necessary and complete information to managers and specialists, the possibility of integration with other management systems of the enterprise.
3. Dispatcher's automated workplace for visualization and management of sewage treatment facilities in real time. In the control room are the main and backup jobs. Information on these workstations comes from the RTDS and allows you to create various reports and summaries (daily, monthly, etc.). The application software for these nodes is based on the InTouch SCADA system and Wonderware ActiveFactory client applications.
4. ARM for the power engineer of MSTP is in the control room. Information on this workstation comes from RTDS. The application software is based on the InTouch SCADA system and allows you to display the status of power objects and perform operational switching.
5. In the administrative building there is an automated workplace for the head of the MSTP, which allows visualizing the technological processes of the facilities of the sewage treatment plant without the ability to control the equipment. Information on this workstation also comes from the RTDS, and the application software of this workstations is based on the Wonderware InTouch Runtime read-only package.

DCS MSTP block diagram

Системы обеззараживания  городского  водопровода

Examples of video frames of the dispatcher's automated workplace for some DCS MSTP objects 

Main Video Frame Dispatcher Workstation for Capacity Blocks № 3,4

Системы обеззараживания  городского  водопровода

 The objects of automation are Capacity Blocks No. 3.4 in the following technological objects:

1. Mixing chambers with stirrers of the type SR 4640 from Flygt;
2. Primary settlers with bottom scrapers of model Z2014 of ZICKERT and submersible pumps for pumping raw sludge of type Flygt NP 3127.181;
3. Aerotank in the composition:

• Flygt type SR 4430 agitators,
• wastewater and compressed air flow meters
• meters of dissolved oxygen and activated sludge;

4. Secondary settlers with scraper mechanisms МС02-18В produced by OJSC “Vodmashoborudovanie” plant, Voronezh;
5. Pass-through channels, including:

• raw sludge tank with Flygt type NZ 3171.181 pumps,
• pumps of excess activated sludge type NZ 3153.181 of the company Flygt,
• Flygt Ready 4 MT drainage pumps from Flygt,
• emptying pumps of the NZ 3202.180 MT type from Flygt;

Main Video Frame Dispatcher Workstation for Blowing Station № 3

Системы обеззараживания  городского  водопровода
The object of automation is the Blowing Station No. 3 with cooling tower No. 2 comprising the following technological facilities:

1. CNV 800 / 1.6 air blowers in the amount of six;
2. Devices of shock-free start-up UBPVD-VTs;
3. Oil pumps;
4. Technical water pumps;
5. Technical water cooling fans in the cooling tower;
6. High-voltage cells of type SM6 in RP-TP-6 / 0.4 kV.

The main video frame ARM dispatcher for Reagent managment № 1

Системы обеззараживания  городского  водопровода
The object of automation is the Reagent managment № 1 in the following technological objects:

1. Shutter tanks;
2. 25% coagulant solution storage tanks;
3. 5% coagulant solution storage tanks;
4. Pumps for supplying the reagent from the stopper tank to the 25% coagulant solution storage tanks;
5. Dosing unit with eight ProMinent SIGMA 3 metering pumps;
6. Valve supply of reagent, air, water.