Preliminary water discharge unit

Automatic Process Control System of separation units, initial produced water separation and oil treatment for “Rostashinskoe” field of JSC "TNK-BP".

The purpose of software and hardware complex - arrangement of modern control system, which allows to provide efficient operation of production.
Software and hardware complex is intended to automation of oil treatment plants, automation of specialists activity in process and production monitoring and control, also to operating information control of process conditions and high efficiency safety control of tank oil treatment process.

Block diagram of Automatic Process Control System of separation units, initial produced water separation and oil treatment for “Rostashinskoe” field:
Установка предварительного сброса воды

Software and hardware complex is designed as distributed information control system intended for sustained operations in real-time. Software and hardware complex provides operating process control including acquisition, storage, handling and displaying of process operation data, analytical control, main characteristics stabilization, locking and protecting from alarm conditions, alarm actions, state-of-the-art reporting.
Equipment of software and hardware complex - controllers VME of Kontron company (Germany), ISaGRAF – development tool for controllers application software, SCADA-system InTouch of Wonderware company for operator workstation. Software and hardware complex is intended for 300 input and output signals. The work was carried out together with specialists of CNiTO "Signal".

As a result of the system implementation​ the main engineering and economic figures of the installation have been improved by:

• oil loss reduction;
• operating cost saving;
• improvement in oil quality;
• environmental improvement;
• improvement of process staff working conditions.

Software and hardware complex for information-management system of preliminary discharge unit "Bondujskaya" JSC "Tatneft".

The automation object is preliminary discharge unit "Bondujskaya" consisting of the following process facilities:

• Process plant objects;
• Fire fighting objects;
• Heat and ventilation objects.

Software and hardware complex has a distributed structure and consists of three hierarchical levels. 

The supervisory level – is a workstation of operator (WS-O), workstation of preliminary discharge unit director (WS-D) and real-time database server (RTDB server). WS-O consists of two workstations (OS Windows 2000 Professional) and printer. Software for process visualization, reception of operation two-hour and daily reports on WS-O is developed with the use of SCADA-system InTouch of Wonderware company (USA). Data transmission to workstation of oilfield supervisor is carried out through the radio channel with the use of a radio modem connected to database server.
RTDB server consists of IBM-PC with installed Windows 2000 Server and Industrial SQL Server of Wonderware company (USA). Industrial SQL Server provides the storing of the production data with time stamps.
For possibility to report the technological information in real-time for preliminary discharge unit director is designed additional workstation (WS-D), which is installed in administration building and connected with RTDB server through the local network. ActiveFactory provides handling of data stored in database of RTDB server and provides it for use to managing staff of preliminary discharge unit in the form of tables, schemes, graphs, reports, etc.

The control level – is a level of acquisition, handling and transmission to the supervisory level the information about technological parameters and formation of control actions for controlling electric equipment. As the equipment of control level applied programmable controllers "Anchor" (OS-9, ISaGRAF ver.3.32).

The lower level – is intermediate transmission devices for analog and discrete signals between the controllers and Automatic Process Control System equipment (intrinsic safety barriers, relays, contactors, cross-modules, terminal rows, located within the controller cabinets).

Software and hardware complex operates continuously around the clock to scheduled maintenance.

Установка предварительного сброса воды